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how to order your photo flat rate

  1. Enter your start number in start number search
  2. Select a gallery your photos.  If your bib number is not found, go directly to step 5.
  3. Click on "photo flat"(mobile) or. "order photo flat" (desktop)
  4. Click on "order package". This will pre-populate your photo flat with all the images in your gallery

You can already add your photo flat to the shopping cart, but there are probably other pictures of you on which we could not recognize your start number. You can add them to the photo flat as well. on "add images without recognized start number".

6.choose a gallery. e.g.: Route 1

7.when you have found a photo of you, click again on "photo flat" and "bib album" to complete the album. on the big + to add a place in the photo flat.

9.then click on your photo. On mobile devices, you still need to select "Add to Package".

If you find more pictures of you, repeat step 8 and 9.

You can also add pictures from other galleries. Select "Other Gallery" from the top left menu and repeat steps 7 through 9.

When your flat is complete, you can add it to the cart.

If you have any questions, write to us at Our team will be happy to help you.

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